Plus 第10期
November 102015


4/5版 Discover the United Kingdom

UK facts:

Before reading:
Show the pictures about the UK to your student.
Photo source:

Ask your students:
1. What is it in each picture?
2. Can you guess which country we’ll talk about today?
3. Have you been to the UK? Where did you go? What did you eat? Did you have any interesting experiences there? What do you like about the UK?
4. If you’ve never been to the UK, how much do you know about it?

After reading:
1. When did people build Stonehenge?
2. The Scottish love bagpipes. What does it look like?
3. What are some famous landmarks in London?

Classroom activity:
The following link is a story by a UK kid. He tells about a typical day in UK.

You can help your students read it and ask them to write a story about a day in their life.
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